Karmaflow Soundtrack


Composer | Orchestrator

Rock-Opera Videogame
Developed by Basecamp Games
Cast: Simone Simons, Dani Filth, Marc Hudson, Tony Kakko, Alissa White-Gluz

The game – a so called 'puzzle platformer' or 'adventure game' – is the most important element, but music plays an extremely important role. That is because the story is brought in the form of a rock opera.

An all-star cast steps into the shoes of the game's characters and brings the story singing. This cast for instance includes:
Simone Simons (Epica)
Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth)
Marc Hudson (Dragonforce)
Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica)
Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy)
The musical accompaniment is provided by the Metropole Orkest (the world's biggest professional pop and jazz orchestra) and band members of Epica, Textures and Within Temptation.

Roos Kamerloos Soundtrack

Roos Kamerloos


TV / Web series
Directed by Wisse Stolk
Cast: Easy May Walker, Yardeen Roos, Daan van Gent, Ricardo Blei, Tom Afman, Carolien van Wijngaarden

"Roos Kamerloos" is een vierdelige webserie in co-productie met KRO-NCRV naar een idee van regisseur Wisse Stolk en geschreven door Floor van Lissa.
In de serie volgen we Roos (Easy May Walker) in haar zoektocht naar een kamer.

Easy May Walker, Yardeen Roos, Daan van Gent, Ricardo Blei, Tom Afman, Carolien van Wijngaarden, Alexandra Maris, Maya Koldijk, Marike op den Akker, Diego Gonzalez-Clark, Sanne van der Ende, Manon Franken, Juliette Hoeksma , Rene van Kalken, Laurens Bruijn, Nienke Borkent, Michelle van der Heijden, Nick Golterman, Tim Schouten, Lucien Greefkens, Ziarah Jansen, Hilde Segond von Banchet, Tamara Brinkmann, Anouk Slootmans

Indie Games Concert

Indie Games Concert


Music from Awesomenauts (Sonic Picnic), VVVVVV (Magnus Pålsson), Minecraft (Daniel Rosenfeld – aka C418), Journey (Austin Wintory), Karmaflow (Ivo van Dijk) and more…

InMoov Soundtrack



Commissioned by Gaël Langevin
Composed by Colin van der Lei & Ivo van Dijk

InMoov is the first Open Source 3D printed life-size robot.

Replicable on any home 3D printer with a 12x12x12cm area, it is conceived as a development platform for Universities, Laboratories, Hobbyist, but first of all for Makers. It’s concept, based on sharing and community, gives him the honor to be reproduced for countless projects through out the world.

InMoov Official Website

Gaël Langevin is a French modelmaker and sculptor who works for the biggest brands since more than 25 years. InMoov is his personal project, which was initiated in January 2012.

Thumbnail photo credit: Remy Artiges

Gliese 581 Soundtrack

Kunsthal Kade

Composer | Orchestrator

Directors: Nicole Derksen & Rose Zhang

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